13 October 2017

a tesla's attempt at the grand canyon

Saying goodbye to the luxury life for the Grand Canyon
Middle of nowhere Arizona, America
 After barely making it from charging station to charging station, we decided to turn the Tesla around and head back to Vegas, where life is easy!
 Everything is fixed with a spa day
 Bye, Vegas!

vive las vegas

Heyyy Vegas
Cabana life!
Ready to go!
  Love! AMAZING Cirque du Soleil show.
Vegas Strong
 Bellagio water show
 And, inside the Bellagio before a late night tapas dinner at Aria

12 September 2017

back to mass...

A logistical dance all over the state with favorite people.

23 August 2017

solar eclipse

A look at eclipse viewers from Chicago
Favorite was all the box viewers!

22 August 2017

the last few days

A few more from jungle life before heading back to Lima

 Frog friend
And, our last day, a sunrise boat ride with coffee

life in the amazon

Futbol time

The capybara (?) one of the largest rodents in the world
And, a night boat ride to spot (and hold) some wildlife