16 May 2017

a week at work

From surgery to the Chicago Bears, spring luncheons to student jams, here's a look at a recent exciting work week!
This is Virginia Halas McKaskey, owner of the Chicago Bears, eldest child of George Halas. I made a trip to Halas Hall, home of the Bears, for the Piccolo Awards, which honors Brian Piccolo, a former football star who died at 26 of cancer. Rush was part of this because of their work in cancer research.
Doctors that jump
One day surgery, and the next, the Rush Women's Board Spring Luncheon at the Hilton on Michigan!

Key note speaker Mel Smith

a beautiful may wedding

Congrats to friends Adam and Heather! Unfortunately I don't have photos of them from the beautiful weekend in Minneapolis, as fortunately I was not working it, but much love nonetheless!
Done up
Bestie !
Chi town crew
A great shot taken by Kamala! http://www.kamalapuligandla.com

18 April 2017

new digs!

11 April 2017

beach & boat life

Checking out Anegada and onto Maria Kay
Cabin peeking

Loblolly Bay! All ours

Time for Ticket to Ride
Our boat Ruby
Boat beer shower
One last sunset after 67.5 miles sailed, thanks to Captain Adam

to anegada and beyond

Good morning! After Cooper and Norman Islands on day one and two, we set sail to the farthest eastern island of Anegada, about a 4 hour trip, known for its lobster, coral and incredible beaches.