05 December 2016

bring it on, winter

Captured this painterly-like shot crossing the river through the fluffy snow in River North early Sunday evening

01 December 2016

an upstate new york thanksgiving

Paid a visit to the beautiful Ithaca, New York

Happy Thanksgiving!

15 November 2016

valley visit

A weekend of music and mountains
And, back to a different type of view, but still beautiful

03 November 2016

midwest adventuring

After some boating and Chicago hot dogs, what better way to spend the afternoon than lounging around Lincoln Park in the sunshine with a coffee...
A rainy Wednesday at a favorite green space
The best gypsy jazz in the world
And, a weekend north for some Wisconsin nature

05 October 2016

adventure sail

Muting the city on a Tuesday evening

26 September 2016

genoa city

Had a wonderful weekend celebrating friends Justin and Max's wedding at Genoa City, Wisconsin. Who knew Wisconsin was so beautiful!
The Northwest Herald generations!

spice island

Up at dawn my last morning in Zanzibar to take advantage of the beach before catching an afternoon flight back to Arusha. Beautiful morning light, and the beach was all ours.
Lone boat
Took a spice farm tour to learn about what was grown locally - basically every spice you could think of! Cloves, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg being some of the more common. Rain came as we were driving and these Swahili girls were walking home from school. Most of Zanzibar's population is entirely Muslim.
Stopping to buy some African apples from this cutie
My friendly spice farm tour guide, who, like most people asked, "Is Trump really that close to being President?" and yearns to come to America for a better life.
Caught a flight back to Arusha via Dar Es Salaam for a night with friends before beginning our 36 hour journey back home. Asante sana, Tanzania! You were amazing.

24 September 2016

indian ocean snorkeling

What else to do on a Monday morning in Zanzibar, besides a boat trip to an exotic island for some snorkeling?
A herd (?) flock (?) of dolphins!
Post-snorkel happiness
Sunset happy hour crew before a dinner under the stars on the beach...