17 August 2017

magical milky way

Some of the clearest and most beautiful skies I've ever seen


Tuesday it was time to get down to work. Heading to the mountains! (Specifically Ausangate, a mountain in the Vilcanota range in the Andes)
 Home for the next few days

machu picchu!

Mapi: found! (Coincidentally visited on the day Hiram Bingham discovered it in 1911)

I spent the night in Ollanta with fellow Rustic guides before catching a 6am train for Aguas Caliente, which is the last town before Machu Picchu. Bright and early on Peru Rail:
And, here is Mapi itself!:
The hike up begins here:
Me after the hike
So remote! Also, the Incans really nailed their astronomy accuracy.

ollanta, a b&b and a stop in pisac

Salad (with flowers!) at the delicious El Albergue restaurant in Ollanta
After spending the evening at the lovely Sacred Valley Brewery http://www.cerveceriadelvalle.com
we stayed at a super cozy bed and breakfast just down the road, where the owners made us coal-fired pizzas and their three dogs and sheep (who thought he was a dog) greeted us upon arrival.
Logan the dog
Morning views
Checking out some service work - building a water pipeline
Cruising the narrow Pisac streets
Home sweet home! Back to Cusco before heading out for the night

sacred valley & salineras de maras

Took off to the Sacred Valley for a night and stopped at salt flats near Maras on the way

Salineras de Maras 
Strategically dug into the mountainside, thousands of shallow pools filled with salt water evaporate and leave behind crystallized salt. Over millions of years tectonic plate movement has buried salt deposits from prehistoric salt lakes deep beneath the mountains; the salt becomes accessible from a natural spring that bubbles up near the town of Maras.