18 February 2015

winter beauty

recent work

 Photos to help a grant proposal for more electric car charging stations
 A workshop involving the Leadership and Ethical Engagement Project
Media studies graduate
Author Eula Biss answers Q&A's with students


17 February 2015


A fun video I completed for the Admissions office and accepted students.

28 January 2015

fascinating read


21 January 2015

happy 2 0 1 5

Paradise on earth

19 December 2014

a caving adventure

09 December 2014

walk out

Hampshire College students, staff, and faculty gathered together last Monday afternoon outside the college's library as part of a national walkout in solidarity with Ferguson National Call to Action.


New England winter has arrived!

18 November 2014

llama llama!

The bi-annual benefit concert of western mass artists, amazing as usual!