17 January 2017

cobá & tulum

Geared up for an early morning and headed to Cobá, an ancient Myan city about 30 miles northwest of Tulum. It was estimated to have had 50,000 inhabitants at its peak civilization and was founded in approximately 500 to 900 AD.
Climbing the second highest structure after Chitchen Itza
View from the top
Downtown Tulum

09 January 2017

tulum ruins

We packed up and hit the road after huevos rancheros and checked out the Tulum ruins, a walled city that served as a port to Coba for the Mayans in the 13th to 15th century. Stunning!

new years in mexico !


27 December 2016

home for the holidays

16 December 2016

charmar superstar

My best friend's sweet baby girl Charley!

15 December 2016

a year at rush

A year ago I hit the road and headed back to the Midwest from the East Coast (with a lovely Norwegian and mouse no less...) here's a look at some favorite photos I captured the past year working for Rush University Medical Center, in the best city in the world.
A guard stands by at the Rookery Building, downtown Chicago
An Ash Wednesday blessing
A kidney transplant from father to son
2016 graduates line up before the start of commencement
A visit to the eye doctor
Match Day surprise downtown
Nursing graduation
Twin preemie success story
Food shot of pumpkin tart for the nutrition blog
Pet Paws, an animal therapy program to decrease stress
Students 'operating' at a back to school bash
A portrait of Dr. Pollack
90th annual Women's Board Fashion Show
Match Day happiness
For a grant proposal on Alzheimer's Research
 Mayor Emmanuel visits the opening of Malcolm X College
 Miniature ponies visit staff and patients
 Students prepare breakfast for the homeless at dawn the day of Martin Luther King Jr. day
The annual St. Baldrick's fundraiser
 In the hospital chapel
 Women's Board Fashion Show at Soldier Field
 In the OR
 Brain surgery 
A look at the Chicago skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium