07 August 2007

Newest view from porch

I was working at the Aster Cafe in St. Anthony Main when the I-35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis Aug.1, 2007. The lights and power went our for a second. The building shook. That night, I edited photos, transmitted all around the world, and realized I would much rather be a shooter than an editor. My view from my porch (the best porch ever) was literally the highway. Sad day in Minneapolis.

08 July 2007

Pool hockey

A very fun assignment. I had never even heard of this sport but it is apparently growing around the nation. Of course Minnesota would find a way to play hockey underwater.
Nice complimentary colors.

17 June 2007

State Baseball

Day in the Life

Day in the Life. Photos from the annual 24-hour look at a day at the University.
One of the best days all year. The photo staff of the Daily would shoot from 12am to 12pm for one full day. I recommend this for all photographers. The wee hours of 4-7 am creep by slowly, and from 6-8am people tend to not like having their photos taken I learned over the years. Very challenging and rewarding!


For a sports feature, I got to ride around on a speedboat for a few hours on a sunny Saturday. Awesome to shoot. Though if I heard the word "dude" one more time...
National Wakeboarding Competition held in Shoreview, Minn.

13 June 2007

Easy rider


This photo's from a leisurely drive from Minnesota back to Wisconsin on a warm late spring evening with my second family.

27 March 2007

Hockey madness

I was lucky enough to travel to Denver to cover the Hockey Frozen Five, unfortunately Minnesota lost in the second round.

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin at the Exel Center in St. Paul.

03 March 2007

Ruth Adams and the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band

Ruth Adams, accordian. Age 75, started playing at 14 young. You can catch her playing Friday and Saturday nights at Nye's in Northeast, from 8:30-1:30 am.
 Joe Hayden, trumpet, singer.
 Keeping the beat.

A day with the President of the University

I followed around the University of Minnesota's president for a few days in March. Quite a nice guy, him and his wife.
Breakfast at Eastcliff.

Foster, their German Shorthair.

GAPSA meeting.

24 February 2007


I went to France with 3 of my college photographer friends for 2 weeks.
We made a counter clockwise tour of the country and were lucky to be in Paris for Valentine's Day, Nice for Mardi Gras. We saw a concert in Paris, visited my friend Alisa in Renne, toured Mont St. Michel, took a night train to the south, bumped into an old Minnesota Daily colleague along the Mediterranean, had an amazing hike in Eze, sniffed perfumes at the Frangonard factory, and wrapped up the trip in Lyon. Here are some favorite features from the sojourn.

Birdman outside Notre Dame.
Royal guard in Monaco.
Guy sleeping on bench in Lyon. Benchwarmer?
Shoeman in Paris.
Jet trail and the French flag.
Tent dwellers on the beach.
Old man and the sea.
 A couple in Montmartre.

03 February 2007

The small and the tall

This is my friend Katie's son Payton, 2, at our annual Day After Thanksgiving Get-Together.

27 January 2007

All in a day's work

Michigan’s Chris Diehl cries out in pain while wrestling Minnesota freshman Mike Thorn. Thorn won 7-5 helping the Gophers to a 29-6 win over the 17th-ranked Wolverines.
Junior forward Gigi Marvin scores a power-play goal to put the Gophers up 1-0 in Saturday’s 4-0 win over North Dakota. Marvin recorded two assists in the game as well.
This is Thundapurr Drummer Boy, a cat that traveled all the way from Windpoint, Wis., to St. Paul, Minn., for a cat show. Very smug.

Money money money

A photo illustration for a story on how governments (such as Kenya's) have privatized natural resources to keep the economy afloat, leaving water to be bought by private businesses (like the Nairobi Water Company). And yes that's all real cash, and no I didn't really pour the water on the money. And no I didn't get to keep a single dollar, unfortunately.

Men's gymnastics

Here are some photos from a gymnastics meet I covered recently. I am not quite sure how they do some of the things they do but it makes for some good pictures.