24 February 2007


I went to France with 3 of my college photographer friends for 2 weeks.
We made a counter clockwise tour of the country and were lucky to be in Paris for Valentine's Day, Nice for Mardi Gras. We saw a concert in Paris, visited my friend Alisa in Renne, toured Mont St. Michel, took a night train to the south, bumped into an old Minnesota Daily colleague along the Mediterranean, had an amazing hike in Eze, sniffed perfumes at the Frangonard factory, and wrapped up the trip in Lyon. Here are some favorite features from the sojourn.

Birdman outside Notre Dame.
Royal guard in Monaco.
Guy sleeping on bench in Lyon. Benchwarmer?
Shoeman in Paris.
Jet trail and the French flag.
Tent dwellers on the beach.
Old man and the sea.
 A couple in Montmartre.

03 February 2007

The small and the tall

This is my friend Katie's son Payton, 2, at our annual Day After Thanksgiving Get-Together.