17 June 2007

State Baseball

Day in the Life

Day in the Life. Photos from the annual 24-hour look at a day at the University.
One of the best days all year. The photo staff of the Daily would shoot from 12am to 12pm for one full day. I recommend this for all photographers. The wee hours of 4-7 am creep by slowly, and from 6-8am people tend to not like having their photos taken I learned over the years. Very challenging and rewarding!


For a sports feature, I got to ride around on a speedboat for a few hours on a sunny Saturday. Awesome to shoot. Though if I heard the word "dude" one more time...
National Wakeboarding Competition held in Shoreview, Minn.

13 June 2007

Easy rider


This photo's from a leisurely drive from Minnesota back to Wisconsin on a warm late spring evening with my second family.