30 December 2010

merry christmas!

07 December 2010

soldiers come home

Reporter Amber Krosel and I covered a soldier homecoming Sunday evening as the
U.S. Army’s 485th Engineer Company, 1st Platoon, Rockford, and the 2nd and 3rd Platoon, Fort Sheridan, came home after a year away. Also of note, filing a story, photos, and a video remotely from Amber's car can be done with the gracious help of free Panera wi-fi. Dream news team!

Tatiana Bailey, of Crystal Lake, shares a moment with husband Jeff at his homecoming celebration held at Hampshire High School on Sunday evening. Friends and family welcomed home the U.S. Army’s 485th Engineer Company, 1st Platoon, Rockford, and the 2nd and 3rd Platoon, Fort Sheridan.

the tree is lit

I photographed the tree lighting ceremony at Daley Plaza Nov. 24, on a wet and chilly evening, with bad traffic making for a slow commute. After parking close to a red line stop I hopped on the El and made it down to Daley Plaza with 10 minutes to spare. I even got to photograph ANOTHER member of the Cusack clan! Joan Cusack introduced Mayor Daley for his last tree lighting ceremony as mayor. 

Fireworks explode in the sky downtown Chicago after the lighting of the Christmas tree from McHenry at Daley Plaza on Wednesday evening. Mayor Daley, actress Joan Cusack, and property owners John and Pat Colomer helped introduce the event.
Tree propery owners John and Pat Colomer of McHenry wait to light the tree as the After School Opera sings at the Christmas tree lighting at Daley Plaza in Chicago on Wednesday evening.

top basketball players

I recently photographed the top ten high school boys and girls basketball players to keep an eye on this season. I used the old press room at the newspaper's office as a backdrop. Here are some favorites.

more from above

Some more photos from my hot air balloon ride a few weeks ago.
Here is me. Lucky to have my 3rd ride in a hot air balloon!

17 November 2010

a pleasing and pulchritudinous perspective

Here are some photos from above, after a sunrise hot air balloon ride west of Chicago for work.

14 November 2010

italy painting

I am going to get back into painting. Here is one inspired from my recent Italy trip.

07 November 2010

blue spruce in new home

The blue spruce from McHenry sits in its new home in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago where it arrived Friday night. The tree will be the centerpiece of a tree lighting ceremony on November 24. Watch a video of the tree chopping by Danielle Guerra here:

05 November 2010

italy austria germany and a pit stop in the netherlands

Back from Europe and back at 'em. Excuse the many photos of mountains but I am kind of obsessed. Lots to choose from, but here are some favorites.
These bicycles were spotted after a fantastic Italian meal at Osteria ale Duca in Verona, Italy.
Verona, Italy.
Note: Olives directly from the tree do not taste very good.
The Dolomites, a section of the Alps, seen from our place in Bolzano, Italy.
 Oh, just your usual castle nestled in the mountains.
Rattenberg, Austria.
 Surfing in the English Gardens, Munich, Germany.
 Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.

new york city birthday extravaganza

My birthday was Oct. 1. I celebrated it big time with some of my favorite people in New York City. Here is some of what I saw and did.
This first photo is by Angela, I took the rest.
Birthday day at MOMA...
Chasing light in Central Park...

Red cape and hat sighting...

Lovely Angela...

AST and BB after photo slideshow...
Good to see old friend A.J. at MediaStorm screening in DUMBO...
Grand Central Station...
Renaissance Festival in Cloisters...
                                      Yellow shoes purple tights.
Group portrait with sister and brother-in-law... great joint birthday celebration!