31 May 2010

and then milwaukee...

We had a fun day trip in Milwaukee in mid-April, it was pretty much the Best Day Ever. Brady Street haunts with old friends and new, Anodyne, Public Museum, Coin, Comet and the Flaming Lips. And PBR, of course. Not bad for a Wednesday.

st. louis

I went to St. Louis in April for the Illinois Press Photographers Association. It was my first time in St. Louis and I only saw the famous arch as I was leaving town, but that was quite alright because I saw much better stuff during the photo contest judging! I also had quite a time playing chauffeur to L.A. Times photographers Rick Loomis and Liz Baylen, as a flood on the highway and hail struck as I was driving them to the airport. Thanks to fellow photographer Lauren Anderson for navigating. Alas, everybody made it to their destinations safely.
My awesome co-workers who make my job awesome! Wow I am really good at writing on this blog.


I went to Minneapolis last April. I love Minneapolis. A lot of bike riding and visits were made. Always a good time.
My friend Tom taking care of important business.

maya rose

Elena and I got to spend some time with friends Everett and Nadia and their baby Maya (Elena's niece) recently, quite a photogenic little girl!

veteran beat

Sgt. Aaron Ludwigsen hugs wife Jennifer at his welcome home party at his parents' home in Crystal Lake on Saturday. Ludwigsen, who joined the Army in 2004, returned home from his second deployment to Iraq.
Veterans often have a tough time being tossed back into civilian life. Check out a video of Iraqi war veteran Ben Leslie here:
Ben Leslie, 25, talks with his girlfriend's daughter Kayla DeNeve, 3, at his parents' Fox River Grove home Tuesday. The Iraq war veteran returned from serving about two years ago and now is working with family to start a support group for veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. His siblings David Arden, left, 15, and Jami Arden, 13, hang out in the background.
Religious books and pens are some of the items donated to the McHenry County Orange Ribbon Association.
Boy Scouts Travis Schreiber, left, and Brendan Murray, both 13, plant flags at the graves of veterans in Woodland Cemetery in McHenry on Friday evening. Volunteers planted flags around area cemeteries in preparation for Memorial Day.

spring has sprung

These cute goslings were walking to the McHenry dam last month.
 With spring comes construction season, here on Route 47.
John Fuhler, of Fuhler Properties, plants trees off Route 31 in Crystal Lake on Thursday. Fuhler plans to plant about 1,000 evergreen trees.
Alex Houck, 14, releases a balloon at the memorial fundraiser for Aaron Hunt held at McHenry West High School on Sunday. The event, held in honor of the Wonder Lake teen who died last month after he huffed propane, raised money for the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.
Barb Siehr looks at her daughter Pamela, both of Madison, at their booth at Fair Diddley held in the Woodstock Square on Sunday afternoon. The event, sponsored by the McHenry County Mental Health Resource League, featured over 300 crafters' booth spaces, including folk art, wood carving, pottery, clothing, and jewelry.

tea party rally

The annual tea party rally in Crystal Lake was one of many tax day rallies held by Tea Party groups across the country. These groups – united, they say, by conservative values, a sense of dismay over partisan politics, and an unwavering reverence to America's founding values – have captured national attention. Always interesting to cover...
Evert Evertsen, of Harvard, and dressed as Uncle Sam, gives a thumbs up at the Tax Day Tea Party rally. "It's good to see people finally waking up," Evertsen said of the event.