17 June 2010

soccer player of the year

I photographed soccer player Aimee Wronski of Huntley yesterday, with the assisting and ball chasing skills of Lauren Anderson. Wronski finished her junior season with 29 goals and 11 assists, and committed to Illinois State University just before the start of the high school season. Here is what ran, I wish I would have had a bit more fall off on her legs:
 Here is me in action, thank you Lauren! Two light set-up.
 We tried this for a bit but I prefer the cleaner background.

back to work

Here are some photos from recent assignments.

Algonquin Township property assessor Rosa Saludo writes down measurements of an unoccupied townhome in the West Lake subdivision in Cary on Thursday afternoon. Assessment challenges have increased steadily over the last few years, according to information from the McHenry County Office of Assessments.

Six Flags Great America newest addition to the park is The Little Dipper, a vintage wooden roller coaster. The coaster operated at Kiddieland Amusement Park from 1950 until September of this year when the amusement park closed.
Watch a video the new ride here:

And also a video of NW Herald reporter Crystal Lindell's top ten tips to navigate the amusement park here:

Santino Fiore, 3, sits in the children's section of the newly renovated McHenry Public Library Monday morning.

16 June 2010

stanley cup comes home and amanda gets squashed

I covered the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory Parade downtown Chicago last Friday, it was NUTS to say the least, what with 2 million people and all showing up. I lost the intern, Mike, within 10 minutes. People were passing out due to heat, fighting, drinking, crying, yelling; but despite this one woman WITH A BABY who yelled at me I saw the benevolence and bounteousness of people coming together for a great part of Chicago history. Here are some favorites. I was more intrigued by the spectators than the hockey players themselves.

sister gets married

My sister got married last week in a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful garden with beautiful weather and beautiful people. I was the maid of honor but here are some of my favorite photos I took when I was not maid of honoring. Congratulations Jennifer and Sam!
I am sneakily in this photo...
I had to post this photo, mad props to Jason for it.

blackhawks 3, sharks 2

I shot the Blackhawks at the United Center at the end of May, shooting hockey is the best. It takes me back to my Minnesota shooting roots, when I first learned from Jonah on a manual 300.

Blackhawks swarm Dustin Byfuglien after he scores the winning goal in overtime against the San Jose Sharks on Friday, May 21.
Blackhawks Dave Bolland scores the second goal against the Sharks. Check out who's in the background!
Blackhawks Adam Burish goes up against Sharks Edouard-Marc Vlasic.
Blackhawks Dustin Byfuglien looks to pass against Sharks Patrick Marleau in the first period.
No game is complete without a fight.

02 June 2010

east coast

I am on vacation out east this week, and will update and actually write stuff soon. Imagine that! Stay tuned my little photo lookers, wherever you are!
Sushi with the groom and bride to be...

michigan man

A great friend passed away suddenly at the tender age of 27, just over a month ago. I still am in disbelief, as Nate was one of the liveliest, refreshing, funny, vivacious, supportive, ridiculous, entertaining, spirited, and intelligent people I have ever known. Nate taught me a lot about a lot of subjects, from cooking to cars, skiing to saving money, laughing, loving, talking, and trying everything life has to offer. He taught me a lot about photography. When I first started at the Minnesota Daily newspaper in college I was a naive college sophomore who didn't know what white balance was. He seemed to know everything and excelled at portraits and sports though he seemed to dislike feature hunting. He made the newsroom a party. I am lucky I got to travel with him to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Arizona, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Macon, Nice, Eze, Rennes, among other places. I am lucky he married my best friend Elena and was as a big part of my life as he was and is. Here are some favorite photos of the great Nate Denay.

Pigeon chasing in Amsterdam.
 Camera man, Mont St. Michel.
 Walking on water, Nice.
 Milwaukee, Wis.
Train station on way to Brussels.
 Crane stare down, Baraboo, Wis.
Grand Canyon tour guide.
  June 28, 2008. This photo was taken by either Everett or Emily.

01 June 2010


I got a bit lost in the woods last month trying to find these kind bird watchers. Once I did find them we spotted some blue jays, an oriole, lots of red-winged blackbirds and a wood duck.
"The point is to provide a snapshot of bird life in this area that will enable people who study this to know the distribution of birds and see changes as the climate changes," Gough said. "It also allows everyone to understand the population density, and what birds are increasing in population." The information they collect is eventually funneled in to the national census.

From left to right, Rob Gough, Bill Hauck, Jim Strzelinski, and Hank Schmitt watch for birds at the McHenry Dam on Saturday morning. The birders were taking part in the annual spring bird count going on around the county.

graduation time

That time of the year again, graduation season. I shot two last Saturday and got a slight sunburn to boot. I suppose a problem I have with graduations is making them different. Any thoughts?