24 August 2010

randomly awesome day in madison

I went to Madison last Tuesday for work with sports reporter Maureen Lynch. We were working on a feature about one of the quarterbacks for the Badgers, but ended up getting two stories unexpectedly when Adam Burish, formerly of the Blackhawks, ended up at practice in an Escalade limo with the Stanley Cup. Burish, a former Badger and captain of the 2006 Frozen Four champs, was sharing his day with the Cup with the team and around Madison.

senior year

For a project we are starting for this school year, we are following Christina Bravos, a senior at Woodstock North High School. The high school will have its first graduating class since opening. Reporter Sarah Sutschek and I went back to school last Thursday, but only made it until third hour. AP Stats!? AP MicroEcon? AP Chem?! I'll stick with photography.
Christina Bravos laughs with friends during study hall second hour.

fair features

I have never much cared for shooting fairs, parades and the like, but I have tried changing my attitude about these events the past 2 years and come out with much better results. Instead of looking at it as a daunting interchangeable event to cover, I have fun with light, exposure, people watching... much more enjoyable.
Jake Perkins of Huntley nuzzles Taylor Ciskowski of Woodstock at the McHenry County Fairgrounds on Thursday evening.
Paola Garcia, 11, left, and Jackie Garcia, 9, ride the Sizzler.

summer shoots

Here is what I have been doing recently.
Brianna Zarek, 9, covers her ears after an airplace ride at Galt Airport in Wonder Lake on Saturday afternoon, as her brother Jacob, 5, slaps hands with pilot Brian Spiro. Through the EAA Chapter 932's participation in the national EAA Young Eagles program, volunteer pilots offered the opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane to kids ages 8 to 17 once a month in the summer.
Austin Das, 13, of Wonder Lake, demonstrates a turn his plane ride took at Galt Airport in Wonder Lake on Saturday afternoon.

With the end of summer near, football season has snuck up on us again. My co-workers and I have had the joy of covering previews of all the teams recently.
I am apparently on the golf beat this summer! I am learning quite a bit more about this sport; however, my navigation skills around the courses are still miserable.

michigan travels

I went for a much needed trip to Michigan with my best friend Elena recently to celebrate Nate's 28th birthday and visit newly born Sofia Rose Scaife, daughter of beautiful friends Kristin and Warren. If you have never been to Grand Marais, MI, or Petoskey, what are you doing? GO!
Nate's house from the Bay.
Driving across the bridge.

Kristin, Warren and Sofia.

04 August 2010

volleyball sportrait

I really dig taking sportraits...
Abby Gilleland, a junior at Marian Central, will be returning for a second year as the Hurricanes' starting volleyball setter.