13 October 2010

odds and ends

Some photos from September, I really liked this corn bin thing as kids were having quite a time in it and well as it reflected a nice glow. Also notable sighting at this event: a pumpkin cannon. Amazing!
Only in the Midwest.

Zack Willis, 2, left, and Jared Goodale, 4, play in corn at the sixth annual Tractors for Charity event at Stade's Farm in McHenry on Saturday.
Students and a parent walk to James C. Bush Elementary School in Johnsburg on Wednesday morning as part of International Walk to School day. Schools around the nation participated in the event to promote exercise, improve air quality, and enhance the health of kids.
Paige Layton, 9, left, and Miranda Hopp, 9, both fourth-graders, walk to James C. Bush Elementary School on Wednesday morning as part of International Walk to School day.
They kids could kick butt!
Focus Martial Arts karate students practice kata, or karate forms, Wednesday evening at Focus Martial Arts and Fitness in Lake in the Hills. The students leave Oct. 19 for the World Karate Confederation Championships in Italy.
I learned a bit about polysomnography recently as we worked on a story about sleep clinics and issues.
Registered Polysomnographic Technologist Paula Fairbank places a pulse oximeter on Bonnie Blazer's finger in the Sleep Clinic at Mercy Harvard Hospital on Tuesday evening. Blazer's sleep patterns were monitored overnight.
Registered polysomnographic technician and respiratory therapist Chris Henderson demonstrates a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device at the Northwest Sleep Center in Crystal Lake on Wednesday afternoon. The device is used to treat sleep apnea, which occurs when the upper airway becomes narrow as the muscles relax naturally during sleep.

fall sports

Working nights and weekends at a newspaper inevitably leads to shooting a lot of sports, which I love. Case in point: see two entries above.

ultimate frisbee

Shot talented Algonquin Ultimate Frisbee players in September- one word for this sport- intense!

Kyle Hanley looks to pass against Joey Gallagher (middle) and Yared Taye (left) at Ultimate Frisbee practice in Algonquin on Tuesday afternoon. Students have been playing Ultimate for the past five years at Jacobs High School, when coach Anthony Miocic began working there as a guidance counselor.

cross country

I shot cross country a few weeks back, there is so much you can do with this sport! It took me back to senior year of high school when I ran with the Bulldogs and subsequently got me hooked on running. So hooked that I just ran and finished the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10 with minimal training! (Note: not recommended to readers.)