31 January 2011

ski jumping and a viking

I ran into this friendly Viking at the annual Norge Ski Jump Tournament yesterday. Ski jumping originated in Norway in the early 1800s when a Norwegian lieutenant launched himself 9.5 meters in the air in front of an audience of other soldiers. The longest jump set Sunday was recorded at 82 meters.

Norge Ski Club member Marty Knapp sports his Viking attire at the 106th Annual Norge Ski Jump Tournament in Fox River Grove on Sunday. Knapp, of Fox River Grove, has been the club Viking for the past 35 years.
A ski jumper takes flight in the 106th Annual Norge Ski Jump Tournament in Fox River Grove on Sunday. Spectators and skiiers from all over the world competed in the weekend event.
Kimmo Ylliriestro of Finland cheers after jumping 82 meters in the longest standing jump contest.
How it ran...
And some others I liked.

Read more about the Norge Ski Club here: http://www.norgeskiclub.com/index.cgi?page=1_1

27 January 2011

january nears an end

I'll give you one guess on how old this woman is...

Lil Schmarje, 96, talks to daughter Vicki Schmarje's second-grade class at Westwood Elementary School in Woodstock Wednesday morning. The elder Schmarje spoke on her 96th birthday about what life and school was like when she was a child, on the students' 96th day of school.
And eerily enough, I took 96 photos...
Tim McCormic carves ice into a groundhog outside of Two Tails Market/Eatery in Woodstock on Wednesday. McCormic, a chef, has carved ice since 1982 and was sculpting the rodent for the Chili Cook-off in Woodstock on Saturday.
From left to right, sophomores Johnny Robson, Christian Hughes, Zach Hellman and Nick Marvich listen to teacher Diane Dorn talk about making nylon in their honors chemistry class Tuesday morning.
Senior companions David Johnson, 70, left, and Oliver "Gil" Snyder, 83, both of Crystal Lake, chat at Snyder's home. The pair met through Senior Services Associates and meet once a week.
David Johnson, 70, left, and Oliver "Gil" Snyder, 83, enjoy talking about politics and history and their weekly meet-ups.
Children watch Huntley play McHenry in a Friday night match-up at Huntley High School.

19 January 2011

care bears

Bears coverage continued last week Monday, Jan 17, 2011.
Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and fellow Bears players team up to help raise funds for teenager 14-year-old Brandon Peters, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a terminal cancer.

bears bonanza

The game against the Bears and Seahawks Sunday went smashingly. A beautiful fluffy snow fell during the first half, and I was mostly toasty aside from some cold feet and a frozen trigger finger half-way in. Due to a recent winter bicycling injury I opted to shoot from the sidelines rather than kneel in the endzones. (And for the record I am staying true to my Wisconsin roots for a Packers win this Sunday...)

Here is my favorite shot. Lots of photos but this is some history in the makin'!
Chicago's Greg Olsen escapes a tackle by Seattle's Marcus Trufant with a 33 yard gain in the first half of the game Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field. The Bears defeated the Seahawks 35-24.

The Chicago Bears enter the field for their game Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011 against the Seattle Seahawks.

Chicago's Greg Olsen catches a 58-yard pass from Jay Cutler in the first quarter to score the first touchdown of the game against Seattle Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field.

Chester Taylor celebrates.

Chicago's Jay Cutler scores a touchdown in the second half as Seattle's Jordan Babineaux tries to tackle him.

Coach Lovie Smith smiles after the Bears score a touchdown.
Chicago's Anthony Adams celebrates with a somersault in the fourth quarter.
Seattle's Matt Hasslebeck looks to pass just before he gets tackled in the second half.
I don't know if this works but I like this photo.

And the sports page...

18 January 2011

january saturday

I spent Saturday outside all day, shooting pond hockey and land conservation efforts. It was good practice for the Bears Seahawks game Sunday.

Participants in the Lake in the Hills inaugural pond hockey tournament play Saturday afternoon on Woods Creek Lake off Indian Trail. Twelve teams from throughout Illinois and Wisconsin competed in 30-minute four-on-four games throughout the day.
Spectators stay bundled up for the inaugural Lake in the Hills pond hockey tournament Saturday. Twelve teams played 22 games Saturday on two rinks created on the frozen surface of the lake, and the tournament was for players 18 and older.

Neil Smith, right, and Dave Heelein carry logs in the restoration effort of land near Pioneer Fen and Dutch Creek in Johnsburg on Saturday morning. Volunteers meet every third Saturday of the month to remove and combat invasive plants and encourage native plant growth.
And here is how it all came together in the newspaper.

workplace workout

Do you ever wish you could just work out in your office? Not have to drive to the gym? Have someone come to you? Well it can be done, and these ladies make it happen.

Personal trainer Suzanne Janusz, of Destination Fitness, works out with client Nancy Effert in her office downtown Crystal Lake Friday. The pair workout once a week for an hour.

a snowy tuesday

Here is a winter feature from last week.
Ice fisherman try their luck on Crystal Lake on Tuesday afternoon. In general, new ice is usually stronger than old ice, and four inches of clear, newly‑formed ice may support one person on foot.

donkey basketball

I photographed donkey basketball last week. What is that, you may ask? Well it is exactly what you would think it would be, players ride donkeys until they fall off and try to score a basket with a smaller than average ball.
Marengo Fire Protection District's Scott Klaassens chases after his donkey during the game Thursday evening.
Marengo Fire Protection District's Jake Adamson attempts a shot as Marengo Middle School principal Tracy Beam tries to block him at the Donkey Basketball fundraiser held at Marengo High School on Thursday evening. The event, hosted by the Marengo Community High School Booster Club, raised proceeds to help fund the athletics program.

11 January 2011

the aftermath of a visit to the chicago cultural center

I took a visit Monday afternoon to see the new exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, "Finding Vivian Maier: Chicago Street Photographer." It is everything it is cracked up to be. Read more about her here:


I rather liked her quote: “I suppose nothing is meant to last forever... We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel—you get on, you go to the end, and someone else has the same opportunity to go to the end, and so on, and somebody else takes their place. There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Consequently, here are some photos I took inspired by Maier. Enjoy!
Feedback is welcome.
Also, here are my favorite fellow cohorts, Sam and Sophie.