22 February 2011

wisconsin senators come to town

I had a randomly exciting day reporting on the Wisconsin Democratic Senators today in our coverage area, as my luck would have it. A few cards fell into place, so to say, and I got a one-on-one interview with Sen. Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, wrote a story, got photos, edited, and sent everything remotely. Xoxo journalism. Mucho thanks to Channel 12 out of Milwaukee. Go Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Democratic Senator Chris Larson, District 7, prepares to leave a hotel in an undisclosed location in northern Illinois Tuesday afternoon. "When he's talking about 'we need to do this,' it's a joke," said Sen. Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee. "I think the biggest thing right now is for Walker to take this bill, throw it out, let's start from scratch, let's figure out how to tackle this deficit without going after the workers, without going after the working class."    

far from home

We got a chance to speak with Michael Kunzler last week and hear his story about evacuating Cairo, Egypt, last month once the riots began. Kunzler and his family live in Cairo and are staying with family in Illinois for the time being. Travel route
Michael Kunzler holds son Ezra, 4, after a nap, at his sister's home in Woodstock on Thursday afternoon. Father and son evacuated Cairo, Egypt, when the riots began, and Kunzler's wife, Aimee Cutrona, still resides in Egypt with work obligations.
And it looks like the story and photos also ran in Istanbul, Turkey, and who knows where else!:

hear hear

I got a call to head over to a jam-packed village hall in Huntley last week as a public hearing was in process regarding the building of a new hospital. Luckily, being press I got escorted in, and furthermore got situated right next to the CEO of the hospital. It's good to know what all the public officials look like!
Hundreds pack Huntley Village Hall on Wednesday morning for a public hearing on Centegra Health System's proposal to build a new hospital near Reed and Haligus Roads. The public hearing is part of the process in obtaining a certificate of need from the state for permission to build a new hospital.
 Centegra Health System CEO Michael S. Eesley jots down a note during the public hearing.
 Crystal Lake Mayor and Senior Vice President of Administrative Services and General Counsel for Centegra Health System Aaron Shepley confers with colleagues Wednesday.

16 February 2011

so pretty

A post just because I like these.
Chicago's McCormick Place.
Dean Street Elementary School at sunrise.
Rural road, Illinois Wisconsin border.

locks dam bam

A recent story regarding the increase in temperatures and possible flooding led me to the William G. Stratton-Thomas A. Bolger Lock and Dam in McHenry on Monday. I've been enjoying the environmental and science-related assignments I have had recently and am now more well-versed in lock and dam lingo than ever expected.
Lock and Dam Tender Joe Farej leads the way to the dam.
These controls help in lowering and raising the gates by inflating and deflating the 'bladders.'
Outflows from the dam are 500 cubic feet per second, and the water equivalent of the snow throughout the watershed ranges from 2 1/2 feet to 3 feet of rainfall.

uh ooga

Beep beep! Vroom vroom! Time for the annual Chicago Auto Show.
Also check out a video I made!

back to school it is

I have spent a lot of time in schools and around kids lately. See what the children have been up to!
Kindergartner Sofia Corona, 5, covers her mouth in surprise during the "Jump With Jill" performance at Meadowdale Elementary School in Carpentersville on Tuesday. School district 300 was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its nutrition and fitness programs.
'Rockstar Nutritionist' Jill Jayne teaches and entertains students at Meadowdale Elementary School in Carpentersville on Tuesday afternoon. Jayne, a registered dietician and musician, teaches and entertains students with songs about nutrition and making healthy choices.
Jill Jayne high fives third-grader De'Rae Williams, 8, during her performance.

It was back to school after two days off due to the blizzard for students at Dean Street Elementary School in Woodstock.
Children prepare for the start of the school day.

And after school...
Grace Koeppen, 11, left, and Nicole Nischke, 9, hike up McHenry Township sledding hill in Johnsburg on Tuesday afternoon. A novice should try to avoid jumps, Nicole said.

I remember doing this...
From left to right, Shaina Castelino, Daniel Kaye, and Raegan Hilbrant, all 10 years old, participate in the annual Jump Rope for Heart event at Hannah Martin Elementary School in Lake in the Hills on Wednesday. The event promotes teamwork, builds school spirit, and gives students the opportunity to contribute to their community.
Sydney Gray, 9, center, smiles at classmate Karissa Witczak, 10, during the event.

mortal combat

15 February 2011


Two weeks ago a blizzard swept through Chicago and the surrounding areas. Here is some of the aftermath. Wish I could have gotten more photos from the actual blizzard but I was bedbound with a fever.
Car? Snow monster? It took 3 plus hours of shoveling to figure it out.
People walk out on the ice caps of Lake Michigan.
This kid was having fun flipping over the fence into the snow.


A recent favorite of a favorite person.