23 January 2012

paris meanderings

A few random photos from an impromptu trip to Paris the last couple days.

11 January 2012

the moon never sleeps

The moon always seems to be up at odd hours in France... here it is, spotted at 8:30 in the morning today.

christmas in austria

I had the pleasure to spend a week celebrating the holidays in Austria with old friends and new. Spent Christmas day at a natural hot spring in the mountains... good way to balance out all of the Austrian cuisine!

scenes from paris

en route to amsterdam

fairytale land

Bruges, Belgium, is like stepping into a fairytale land; complete with candy cane lamp posts and singing elves and iced gingerbread pavement. Okay, not really, but it certainly looks like one!

out and about

Scenes about town from a recent stroll.

looking up

dancing in pas de calais

I attended a regional dance event in November and got back into newspaper shooter mode...