29 April 2012


Spain. What a country. The people are lively, the colors are vivid and I've found the best way to experience it is to eat and drink my way through!
Before the Real Madrid match against Germany
I am normally not an architecture picture-taker but I am making exceptions here...
 Bubble man in Retiro Park
View from the Reina Sofia

on to spain

I am currently in Granada, Spain, and it is rainy. Therefore I do not feel bad about editing photos, so more to come soon!

26 April 2012

april in paris

I was lucky enough to spend a big chunk of time of April in Paris, which is all it's cracked up to be and more. Love that city...

antwerp for easter

Antwerp, in Belgium, is a very cool city with great cafes and an excellent photography museum. I was there for Easter...


I went to Scotland for the week with a fantastic group of teachers and students. Here is the sunrise from the ferry we took from France to the UK. It's a long drive north...
Braving the Scottish weather
Just yer regular castle on a hill
Stirling Castle
"Well, let me tell you..."
Loch Lomonde
Our busdrivers


25 April 2012

2 weeks in morocco

Here's a short video of my two weeks in Morocco, with musical copyrights and all to Beach House

22 April 2012

lille fun

Some recent portraits of my roommate Lisa...
The best view ever from a McDonald's for wifi
Piscine museum in Lille, because what goes well together? Art and water.
What? I am just a pole, you don't see a bird at all here...