25 September 2012


Stretching station

a weekend in bangkok

Look up and you could be in New York, Chicago, or L.A. with the monoliths of skyscrapers and banks. Look around and your senses are snapped back into the reality of Bangkok as mopeds and tuk tuks zip to and fro, the smell of street food tickles your nose and ah yes, that steady trickle of sweat down your back reminds you you're definitely still in southeast Asia.
Lumpini Park

21 September 2012

water buffalo washing

Not everyone can look out their office window and see this!

18 September 2012

vientiene, laos

I went to Laos and can't wait to get back! Beautiful country from the little bit I saw so far

06 September 2012

beautiful faces

04 September 2012

serenity now

Thai sights