31 March 2013

chinlone exhibit at cornell university

I'm happy and honored to announce I will have a photo exhibit at Cornell University this month as part of the renowned Southeast Asia Program's Center for International Studies. The best part for me is any proceeds made from the photographs will go directly back to the Burmese men and their families featured. Here's a look at my work that will be on display, and more information if you happen to be in the area.
 "Reforms in Myanmar are creating new opportunities for exploring a country that until recently has remained shrouded by geopolitical isolation. How are change and classic traditions shaping the “new Burma” emerging today? Learn more at an interactive program hosted by students from Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program."

Sponsored by the Residential Student Congress, the Cornell Southeast Asia Program, and A. R. Mann Library. Funded by a Title VI grant from the U.S. Dept of Education , the Mary A. Morrison Public Education Fund for Mann Library, and the R.S.C.

17 March 2013

mr. tong's

This says so much about an... interesting part of Thai society.

02 March 2013

nong khai

Here's a look from a trip to Nong Khai, a border town to Laos with a big park with Buddhist and Hindu sculptures designed by an exiled Laotian in 1978.
And a few photos from a school visit I liked...
Works for everything!

fighting time

It was an amazing week working with students from the International School of Bangkok and world famous Muay Thai fighters. I have a new hobby...!
Working on elbow moves
Cuban trainer Juan Carlos