30 May 2013

lazy laps

Omni Hotel pool, Washington, D.C.


Flight path

64 years young!
The Greats
Dancing in Dupont Circle

29 May 2013

annapolis kiss

28 May 2013

commencement 2013

I forgot what an absolute blast photographing commencements are, as I was out of the country last year. Besides being a lot of fun, Hampshire's was very entertaining. Who else has a drag queen as moderator, and Amy Goodman as the keynote speaker? Here's a look at the 2013 grads! (Or 09F, as we call them)
Waiting for things to begin
 Getting a diploma her own way

22 May 2013


Neon freedom hiking


You absolutely positively MUST try this once in your life, nothing else compares to it in my experience! (Not sky diving, zip lining, riding in a NASCAR... just go do it and see for yourself. It's only about 30 feet up.)
I of course had to try it... hey- it's all part of the job.

solar paneling

Our Arts Village has solar paneling, does yours?
And how I got the shot, thanks to my co-worker's innovative rigging system

art c s a

"If it works for farms, why can't it work for art?" Take part in an art csa and give back and support local artists! Check out Spark! Art Share for more information- http://www.sparkartshare.com/, and watch the video: https://vimeo.com/66574593

A tiny House

A look at the finished video for 'A tiny House:'    https://vimeo.com/64821445

dance c o m p o s i t i o n

Modern dance composition class, spring

art of aikido

Some shots from a recent look at the Japanese art of aikido.