19 June 2013

a sunday sail

Kayakers, East River

and... go

Brooklyn Botanical Garden fun
What's that sound? The buzzin' of bumbles...
New installation
Coney Island golden fun and sun

07 June 2013

massachusetts meadowlands

Over the past few hundred years, the landscape in the northeast part of America has morphed from forest, to farmland, and back to forest.

With the resurgence of forested land, grassland bird populations have declined and become threatened. As part of Hampshire College's sustainability initiative, having managed meadow lands and tall grass in lieu of manicured lawns helps to provide a habitat for the endangered grassland birds.
Here is a photo for a spread of the Pioneer Valley and mountains, with a view of the Connecticut River from atop Sugarloaf Mountain...
And, for National Donut Day and Div IV weekend! Go eat a donut!
(The tradition began in the 1930s by the Salvation Army to honor women who served donuts to soldiers during WWI. Or it may just be an excuse to eat fried dough.)