23 January 2014

pretty pretty pennsylvania

First stop: Reading Terminal Market
A trip to nearby Valley Forge, where in 1777-1778 George Washington and his men of the American Continental Army set up camp for a brutal winter during the Revolutionary War.

22 January 2014

seed workshop

Tomatoes were wet-seed processed earlier this week in the Cole Science Center as part of the week long January Seed School program, offered by Native Seeds/SEARCH and Hampshire College. Native Seeds/SEARC, a non-profit, works to strengthen food security primarily in the Greater Southwest by conserving the region's unique crop diversity and teaching others to do the same.

road trip to hobo beach

Driving west, across the island the size of Connecticut. Gas was sold in liters. We ate shrimp and rice and red beans and Medalla beers on the beach. We parked the car at Raoul's restaurant and paid $5, finding the blue ocean and similar hued sky was the best part.

Atop Pozo de Jacinto

beach, dine, drink, repeat

Old San Juan
 Mofongo- the traditional dish of garlic, oil, plantains, seafood

island life

Ringing in the new year in Puerto Rico...

snow people

I work with a creative bunch.

work work work

Some recent work photos, fall and winter.
Office mate vs. Pigeon
Back to chem class
Some math for good measure...
From an interesting class on game design, and then playing a modified version of basketball using similar principles.

17 January 2014

food, farm, sustainability

A big project this summer and fall was a focus on the healthy food transition, with a new food vendor- Bon Appetit Management- and having all of the food grown locally from surrounding and the college's farm. See more here: https://vimeo.com/79898890


Have you ever sat down and watched karate? The more you observe the movement, the more grace and beauty you can see in the sport. Highly suggest watching a karate kata (detailed patterns of movements) at some point when trolling youtube, though real life is much better.