20 August 2014

tanah lot

Favorite images from Tanah Lot, a natural rock formation off the coast of Bali. Home to a pilgrimage Hindu temple built in the 16th century, we happened to catch a wave of bats flying past and the orange sunset at the perfect moment.

biking and ubud

Biking through bamboo to a coffee farm, a stop in Ubud, and a sunset at Tanah Lot, all in a day's work
Coffee Luwak!
The Luwak
"Get a photo of me drinking my coffee gazing at the volcano" -fellow charmed lifer
Bamboo weaving
Tanah Lot

bingin and uluwatu

Took a trip to Bingin and Uluwatu, amazing spots on the ocean built into cliffs
Balinese man, petting a chicken in shades
Single Fin, great spot with an epic sunset. And fireworks!

19 August 2014


A quick 3 hour flight from Singapore and some Indonesian visa fees and voila, in Bali! Amazing five days in the Hawaii of Southeast Asia

Incredible sunsets and seafood. Lots of Australia tourists. Smiley people.
Our first night took us to Potato Head Beach Club, one of the most popular spots on the island. When in Bali, why not have champagne and strawberries

a golden premiere deluxe night train to singapore

Arrived to hot and humid Singapore (and many organized but lengthy lines) after a 7 hour train ride...

Clarke Quay and the riverfront! Very similar to San Antonio.
Marina Bay Sands shopping mall
So much wealth in Singapore. Apparently one of every twenty people is a millionaire, and it costs $100,000 just to own a license to have a car. Needless to say, about every other car is a Mercedes, BMW or Rolls Royce.
The port
Hotel view
Lots of green spaces in Singapore- about every 30 feet a tree or plant must be planted.
The Singapore Flyer seen from a taxi

jalan alor

Jalan Alor. A bustling street with hawker stalls, foods of all kinds, taxis and motorbikes- it was the best part of our day in KL
 Amazing dinner