21 May 2015

nature nourishment

A camping getaway...

20 May 2015


Congratulations to the class of 2015, an ambitious, talented and humble bunch of students I had the privilege to get to know!

valley life

Sunset hike atop Mt. Tom

19 May 2015

secret spot

Found: hidden resevoir...

12 May 2015

favorite subjects

ringing of the bell

Congratulations to all graduates!

11 May 2015

and more work


African American Studies Professor Christopher Tinson teaches Warfare in the American Homeland.
Professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael Klare and environmentalist David Orr as seen through construction of the RW Kern Center.
Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, who has been writing the blog Dot Earth for seven years and covering environmental issues in the Times for 14 years, speaks of his adventures in environmental journalism, covering stories from the North Pole to ocean depths, to the Amazon rainforest.
And, some various odds and ends

08 May 2015

kite fly

The annual fly...