30 June 2015

from valley forge to manhattan

From buses and books in the rainy Pennsylvania country side to speakeasies and mezcal in Manhattan, a look at my recent four day weekend...
A quickly stitched view from the roof of the MET

20 June 2015

a trip west!

A near van crash into wild horses, bison and elk crossings, a one hundred year old cabin, a technical, trail race half marathon, old friends and new- here's a look at some adventures from Montana and Wyoming last weekend!

Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United States in Yellowstone National Park, is an array of rainbow colors due to bacteria and microbial mats growing around the mineral-rich water.
Grand Teton National Park, as seen from Jenny Lake
Bison and geysers!
Cascade Canyon
My favorite little supporter

45th anniversary

Hampshire celebrated its 45th year of existence in early June- here are a few favorites from the weekend celebration.
Founders of Hampshire College, Ken Rosenthal, left, and Chuck Longsworth, walk on campus Friday evening.
 A tribute to former martial arts director, Marion Taylor.
And, a Sunday morning tribute to remember former staff, faculty and students. Great weekend!