17 May 2016

1963, or 2016?

A timeless lounge

16 May 2016

5 days of summer

Spring has arrived
Doing it up

14 May 2016

full circle

Back to western mass for 48 hours of friends, good food, and fun

 Only in western mass...
A rainy Sunday at Cushman's

a sunday in jessheim

Back to the countryside
Cooking American meatloaf

11 May 2016

a beautiful skjennum saturday

Just climbing around a waterfall...
Out for dinner, and off to Oslo

off to the cabin


Kicking off the weekend
Cabin life

09 May 2016

hikes and huskies

Forest hike
Dog riding time!


Beautiful Norway
 The crew
Large eyeglasses
Russe sightings - graduating high school seniors celebrate the last month of the school year with parties, vans, outfits and beer