27 January 2017

a weekend in january

mlk day and other work

At most jobs I've had, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day would be a free day off. On the East Coast, I would often find myself in Brooklyn for a long weekend with friends, or staying cozy and warm on a typically frigid day. Working for Rush though, is a different story and a day I now like "working" on very much.

Rush prides itself, since its beginning, in being involved in community engagement and outreach efforts. With our service area encompassing a number of low-income neighborhoods on Chicago’s West and South Sides, we focus on addressing and eliminating the health disparities in these communities. Rush is constantly working to dismantle barriers by assessing top health needs and addressing them through programs that target the biggest disparities.

On MLK Day, the Rush community was spread out across the city, from food pantries to handing out hygiene supplies under viaducts. I got to go to Facing Forward, a homeless shelter supporting women and children. Rush students were providing respiratory health screenings and I documented and interviewed some of the participants.

A portrait of Carol, West Side of Chicago
A video of highlights from the day:

And, another recent project we finished on about the Rush Surplus Project: helping to feed homeless Chicagoans at a West Side shelter. We just found out that after so much positive feedback, views (over 31,000) and awareness, a local hotel has just donated new beds to the shelter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph5fMCRNyng

17 January 2017

cobá & tulum

Geared up for an early morning and headed to Cobá, an ancient Myan city about 30 miles northwest of Tulum. It was estimated to have had 50,000 inhabitants at its peak civilization and was founded in approximately 500 to 900 AD.
Climbing the second highest structure after Chitchen Itza
View from the top
Downtown Tulum

09 January 2017

tulum ruins

We packed up and hit the road after huevos rancheros and checked out the Tulum ruins, a walled city that served as a port to Coba for the Mayans in the 13th to 15th century. Stunning!

new years in mexico !