22 August 2017

a mountain trek

Our second day in the mountains we hiked up to a glacial lake.
Since the 1970s Peru's ice fields have been disappearing at about 10% a decade. Weather patterns are changing, and with climate change comes cultural changes - agricultural, religious and otherwise. It was amazing to see the lifestyle and environment of the people in Ausangate, and how in another decade, the environmental changes taking place will have a most likely negative direct social and cultural impact on them. Hopefully in the meantime we can slow down some of this climate change.

The nights were cold but the days sunny; we began a three hour trek with ascending altitude to about 15,000 feet - definite trip highlight!
 Cheche and Nahder!
 Unreal vistas!
A favorite shot
Lost lamb reunited!

We ended the day with a dip in the natural hot springs underneath the stars...

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